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 [Tutorial] Rogue PvP

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PostSubject: [Tutorial] Rogue PvP   Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:18 am

Note: This TuT is based on a Sub spec. I may do another on Assasaination soon.
This is a tutorial to teach you how to play a rogue..the right way in PvP.

First off (Spec):

The best spec (in my opinion) is subtlety for rogues. It gives you the most Attack power.

Assassination is also good, for ambush and backstab. It is also an energy waster. It does high damage, but not fast enough.

Combat is horrible for PvP (in my opinion) No comments..


This will be the most affective spec.

Second off (strategy):

What I like to do the most, is strafe behind the target while stun locking..using the (Q + E keys)

Or running circles around the enemy is very affective as well. Using the mouse to run.
(Assuming you know a decent rotation)

Third off (potions):

Potions are also VERY helpful.

Such as, haste potions..a good haste potion can add up to +500 haste. Increasing your attack speed = enemy dies quicker.

There are also a lot more various potions you can use.
(for the crit)

Fourth (enchants):

The most affective enchants, to me are Berserking/Titanium Weapon Chain. Due to the +400 AP proc. Increasing your damage and reducing disarm affects.

Some might prefer mongoose, for the agility and attack speed increase. But it has little damage increase.

Thanks, hope you found my tutorial helpful! I am open to suggestions please tell me what you think.
Credits to Sadistic
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PostSubject: Re: [Tutorial] Rogue PvP   Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:23 am

great tutorial, youre just missing some arena, stuff(:
Im not sure if you can get Berserking in 2.4.3?
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[Tutorial] Rogue PvP
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