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 The shaman!

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PostSubject: The shaman!   Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:50 am

Well ive been playing a shaman since lvl 60 in retail and like 4 years, until i stopped playing after abit of time in lich king.

But in pve a shaman is a vital class, in healing OR dps!
He/she has many improvements to the raid.

First off, the spec: Since i prolly only know the healing and enhancement specs for pve, i wont go in pvp here(:

It's a rather simple spec, but its effective.

I like this spec because, it has alot of buffs to other players, like improved weapon totems enhancing totems and so on, so a enhancement shaman would be VITAL in a melee group since he has so many buffs for em. And still he should do a hell alot of dmg(:

Well as a healer, i used to use a flask or 2 minor potions,
The flask:
The potions: ,

Then theres the "food", some foods give buffs when they are eaten.
I use this one, theres ofc one for each class, which gives str, agi and so on..
Mana regen:

Then theres the "oil", it's wizard oil you enchant on youre weapons, it gives alot of mana regen or mana regen and some healing.
Mana regen/healing:
More mana regen!:

All these are done with, Enchanting for the oil, cooking for the food and alchemy for the potions.

enchants on gear you can go figure youreself Razz
But main hand and a shield enchant is rather simple to.
Just 81 healing on main hand and 12 intellect on ze shield.

For meta socket i normaly use 12int and chance to restore mana when a spell is casted.
And rest is healing gems -.-

People get some keybinds done!! It increases youre speed, youre "skills" and simply makes you a better wow player, theres a reason its there Razz

Else theres just to get some experience in doing pve!
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The shaman!
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